Monday, March 5, 2012

Twitter How To

When Twitter first came out, I thought it marked the end of Western Civilization.  No doubt many of you feel the same way.  Skepticism aside, I have been using Twitter in my classed, and to great results. 

Here's an easy tutorial I wrote for new Twitter users to log in and get going.  You will discover that the exchange of information on Twitter is boundless, practically instantaneous, and totally inspiring.  Feel fre to copy and share this if you want!

1) Go to
2) Go to Field: “New to Twitter? Join Today!” and fill out the necessary information. BE SURE TO WRITE DOWN YOUR LOGIN AND PASSWORD IN YOUR NOTEBOOK FOR THIS CLASS.
3) “Username.” Think of a creative, original, unembarrassing name for your Twitter Account. Your Username will be in your URL, so pick something that’s easy to remember and type.
4) Click on “Next Tab: Interests” and, if you want, select your interests.
5) Click on “Next Tab: Friends,” enter “CritThinkWrite” and select “Search.” Click on “Follow” to follow my Twitter account.
5) Go to your Email and activate the account via the link.
6) Click on your Twitter account icon in the upper right hand corner. In the drop down menu, select Settings.
7) Go through EACH Tab menu to update and personalize your account. Take special note of the following:
• Tweet Privacy (under “Account”). This allows ONLY those who you have approved to be able to read your Tweets.
• Twitter with Text Messaging (under “Mobile”). If you can send text messages from your phone, I STRONGLY recommend you activate this feature. This way, you can post while on the go!
• “Notifications” Tab: You may want to consider deselecting receiving texts every time you get a Twitter, though keeping it active with DM will help you stay connected. Check out the right column for other features.
• Picture (under “Profile”). Add an image or your own photo.
• Bio (under “Profile”). Enter a bio.
• Select a Theme (under “Design). Customize your Twitter account!
8) Click again on your Twitter account icon (upper right hand corner). Scroll down to “Write your First Tweet!” in the right column. Write your first tweet and post.

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  1. I know you use twitter in your classes. How do you assess the twitter participation and quality of the tweets?

    I found the following way to incorporate twitter into a class:

    "Ever wanted to make presentations a more interactive, Web 2.0 experience?

    The PowerPoint Twitter Tools prototypes are now available. Created using SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius (but requiring only PowerPoint for Windows and Adobe Flash to run), the twitter tools allow presenters to see and react to tweets in real-time, embedded directly within their presentations, either as a ticker or refreshable comment page.

    There are currently eight tools – you can easily cut and paste them into your own PowerPoint decks:

    PowerPoint Twitter feedback slides
    PowerPoint AutoTweet,
    PowerPoint Twitter voting — bar charts and pie chart
    PowerPoint Twitter ticker bar
    PowerPoint Mood meter
    PowerPoint Crowd meter
    PowerPoint Zoom text
    PowerPoint Twitter update bar

    There is also a prototype twitter tools for Prezi at

    "Twitter in Presentations Best Practice" Page ( may have some useful information.