Thursday, October 3, 2013

Go Paperless! Turn your Handouts into PDFs

As we turn increasingly towards online delivery of content, and students and faculty alike become accustomed to reading content on electronic devices, the traditional photocopy may becoming obsolete.  Luckily, our photocopier allows you to turn paper copies into PDF files.  PDF files can then be easily uploaded to Moodle, or sent directly via email to students.  Simply follow these easy steps:
·       Enter security Code
·      Select Tab labeled “Image Send” (located on top of screen)
·       Select Tab labeled “Address Entry” (located on left of screen)
·      Select “Email”
·      Select “To”
·       Type in your full email address and press “OK”
·      Place document to be scanned in the feeder and press the Copy button (the largest button to the right of the numeric keypad)
·      After document feeds, press the “*” (or “Logout”)
·      Go to your email, and the PDF of your file will be there!

The many advantages to this include:  saving time for faculty, decreasing paper waste, allowing student access to materials if they are absent from class, etc.  Of course copywrite laws must be enforced, but for those of us who deliver original contact in class via handouts, this is a great way to deliver that content more efficiently in a media-rich world.