The MCNY Teaching Community is an online, user-generated platform to share best teaching practices, resources, and lesson plans to foster teaching and learning.  The blog serves as a central location for faculty to share resources, develop a culture of using technology to enhance teaching and learning, connect dimension classes with Constructive Action courses, and to promote Purpose Centered Education at the college and to a larger community. 

As social media is user-generated, the more our community uses and contributes to the blog the more useful it will become as a resource. We envision this as space for adjunct and full-time faculty to express both their successes and their concerns in the classroom in a central location that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

The MCNY Teaching Community Blog was piloted in the Fall of 2011 by faculty member Dr. Lynn Sally and IT Specialist Diwate Fonte.  Since then, Dr. Adele Weiner has become a key contributor, and the blog has gained a reputation for posting innovative and useful blogs.
Posts and comments on the MCNY Teaching Community blog are the personal opinions of individual authors, and not statements on behalf of the College or individual departments.  We warmly encourage you to join our community of teachers and scholars.  Please follow this blog by entering your email on the front page.  If you would like to contribute to the blog, email lsally@mcny.edu with your email address.

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